Tax Documents Checklist

            Are all state filing laws the same as federal laws? How do I find out the laws in my state?

            Taxpayers and overseas work

            Most states that require a tax return will mimic the federal deadline to file, April 15th, and also the deadline after an extension has been filed, October 15th, however, there are a few states that use different due dates like Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa and Louisiana, so it is very important that you check with your state.

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            What are capital assets, gains and losses? How do I figure them out?

            capital gains and home sales 2019

            When you are able to sell any capital asset for a profit in a given tax year, you are responsible for paying taxes on the capital gain or appreciation in that asset.

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            Is it still possible to get a tax deduction for charitable giving after the latest tax reform?

            charitable giving after tax reform

            When the tax reform was implemented and deductions simplified in 2018, many taxpayers chose to take the increased standard deduction and give up itemizing. However it is still possible to get a deduction for charitable giving.

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            Are my tips considered earned or taxable income? What if I forget to report some of them?

            tips and income tax

            Tips are optional or extra payments given to an employee from a customer. The IRS treats tips the same as wages and other forms of income. Failing to report this or under reporting this may be handled similarly to other forms of tax evasion.

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            Going to Miss the April 15th Filing Deadline? File an Extension!

            If you’re not careful, April 15th — the official IRS deadline for filing your federal taxes — can creep up on you.

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            Significant Tax Perks for Owners of Rental Properties

            If you’re a landlord of one or more rental properties, chances are you’ve experienced a small headache or two. While being a landlord can come with hassles, it can also include significant tax perks which can help to deliver more bang for your buck than other investments.

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            Easing the Burden of Classroom Expenses for Teachers

            Grade-school teachers — are increasingly footing the bill for their classroom expenses.

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            Things to consider when filing your taxes this year

            Save on Taxes is on computer key

            After filing electronically, it is important to watch for email notifications and/or return to the software program to ensure the filing was accepted.

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            Cashing in on Life Insurance? You are Still Subject to Taxation

            The 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act included revisions designed to create financial options for millions of Americans with life insurance policies.

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            Should you continue to itemize or go with the standard deduction now?

            Itemizing versus Standard Deduction

            For the 2018 tax year, following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 the IRS will reduce the types of allowable deductible expenses for itemized tax returns.

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